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Think all central stations for alarm monitoring are the same? Think again.

The reality is that around 90% of electronic security companies don’t own their own central stations. Instead, they rely on third-party providers that pretend to be the customer’s security company when responding to alarm signals. These third-party stations could be located in a different state, far removed from the areas they claim to protect. This setup hardly inspires confidence when it comes to dispatching local police or fire responders during an emergency.

The Superior Choice for Alarm Monitoring

A far better approach is choosing a locally owned and operated central station — ideally, one owned by your alarm company. That’s exactly what we offer at Commercial Security & Fire. We own and operate our central station, meaning your home or business security system is monitored by the same team who designed and installed it.

Our trained security agents are located onsite at our Long Island office, right in your community. Their local knowledge makes them uniquely qualified to respond to your specific emergencies.

Additional Benefits of Local Alarm Monitoring

Strong Relationships with Local Police

We maintain strong relationships with local law enforcement, the same departments that respond to our customers’ emergencies. When police know your alarm is monitored by a familiar, local central station, they often have greater confidence in the alarm’s validity. The result? A coordinated effort that leads to faster response times.

Quicker Response Times

Third-party monitoring centers often experience long wait times, as police may lower the priority of alarm signals due to the prevalence of false alarms (unless they are video verified). At Commercial Security & Fire, our response times consistently outpace those of our competitors. Our close relationships with local law enforcement make a significant difference in the speed and effectiveness of our responses.

Prompt Troubleshooting and Repairs

Our local presence also enables us to provide superior repair services. If an issue is detected with your system, we will text or call you immediately from our central station in Long Island. Your problem can be troubleshooted and resolved quickly, minimizing the time your property remains unprotected.

Why Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Central Station?

These are some of the most compelling reasons to opt for a locally owned and operated central station for your alarm monitoring needs. To learn more about our central station at Commercial Security & Fire, contact us today. We’re here to answer all your questions and ensure your security is in the best hands.

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