Summer Starts Early: Home Security to Keep Parents Aware

With school closures in place, there’s a good chance that many kids will grow up remembering 2020 as the year summer started early. As a parent, you may be required to return to work while kids are still home. If so, you’ll need a way to stay aware of their activities. Fortunately, there’s home security technology that can help.

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Show Your Home Some Love With Smart Home Security Systems

home security systems ny and nj

It’s the season for love, and there’s no better way to show your home some love this February than to give it a smart home upgrade. Home control is no small promotion for the average household; it’s a major advancement that makes a home run more efficiently for the benefit of the entire family. Here’s an essential overview of what home control give you.

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How to Automate Your Day in 2020

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For some of us, making the most out of life’s little moments is a New Year’s resolution. That’s great – but while we’re doing that, we still need to get the other stuff done. One of the ways we can do that is with technology, and one of the best technologies for this purpose is home automation. Here’s a scenario that underscores the value of home automation technology. 

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Give The Gift of Professional Home Security This Christmas

In home security, the stakes are high and the system’s capability and functionality matter. While many tout the ease of installation in DYI systems, most consumers do not realize these systems lack the very features that make home security alarm systems desirable.

Here are some important ways DIY products do not measure up:

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Give Your Smart Home the Coolest Gift Ever: Home Automation

Woman holding Christmas gift

Christmas time is rapidly approaching, but you’re still cool because you know the perfect gift for the family you love and the house that protects you. Smart speakers to upgrade your smart security system with home automation. Alexa, Google Home, and the Apple Homepod are all great Christmas presents, so let’s dive into some of their features.

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Why More Millennials Want A Smart Home

They grew up on and embraced technology, so it’s not surprising that millennials want smart homes that provide them the freedom to manage their household from almost anywhere in the world. Smart homes also protect their largest investment; their home.

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