Summer Starts Early: Home Security to Keep Parents Aware

With school closures in place, there’s a good chance that many kids will grow up remembering 2020 as the year summer started early. As a parent, you may be required to return to work while kids are still home. If so, you’ll need a way to stay aware of their activities. Fortunately, there’s home security technology that can help.

Although there are many options to choose from, we recommend starting out with motion-sensored cameras. Whether or not an alarm is part of your home security strategy, installing a video system offers an additional level of protection. Because you can monitor the video from wherever you are, we refer to this service as remote monitoring. Here are a couple of remote monitoring suggestions for concerned parents.

Remote Monitoring Outside

Staying aware of activity at home starts with knowing who’s coming to your door. With an outdoor camera that’s triggered by motion detection, you’ll get an alert to your phone whenever someone is at the door or passing through it – whether it’s the kids leaving the house, having friends over, or ordering a pizza. Whatever they’re doing, you’ll know about it and can act appropriately depending on whether or not it’s allowed. Remotely monitoring your home’s perimeter is a great way to be on top of what’s happening with the kids, including checking to make sure they aren’t letting strangers in the house.

Remote Monitoring Inside

If the kids are younger or there’s a caregiver you’d like to keep tabs on, you may want a more granular monitoring solution. That’s where indoor remote monitoring comes in. Whether it’s the living room, playroom, kitchen or nursery, you can choose what areas of the house need to be monitored to ensure the kids are staying safe.
Some parents also choose to install a camera near a forbidden area of the home, such as a gun safe or liquor cabinet. Whatever your indoor security concerns are for your children, ask us how we can help.
If summer starts early for your kids this year, we have home security technology to support their safety. Learn more by calling Commercial Fire & Security. We’d love to help you explore your options.

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