New Home, New Alarm System for New York Residents

Some of our services areas are among the most popular destinations for New York City residents who move out of the city. They include Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hudson Valley, all of which are popular moving destinations for New Yorkers, according to a report in the Daily Voice. All things considered, these homeowners will need new alarm systems for their recently purchased properties. Here’s why interstate movers throughout New York can trust us to do the job of installing, integrating and monitoring them. 

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Protecting Your Family from Silent Killers

Silent killers tend to be toxic fumes that are undetectable by sight. One of the most deadly is detectable to the human nose when an additive is present, while the other is completely odorless. Here’s how you can protect your family from the two most common silent killers that can occur in the home. 

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Smart Home Scenes: Easy, Convenient Home Control

freeport ny home security

When it comes to your smart home security app, you can go ahead and make a scene. We’re talking, of course, about the Scenes function on your app. With Scenes, you can control your entire network of smart home devices using single, one-tap commands on the app.

Here’s how simple it is:

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