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Avoiding Smart Home Anxiety for Good

By Wayne Wahrsager | June 30, 2020
Smart Home Anxiety

When it comes to smart home devices, some homeowners start off a bit anxious. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a smart home service provider by your side, you can be a worry-free user from day one. Here are some of the ways we help you avoid smart home anxiety.

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Four Steps to a Safer Neighborhood

By Wayne Wahrsager | June 23, 2020

Home security concerns don’t stop at your front door; most of us worry about our neighbors, too. In one recent security poll, 54% of neighbors say that they let each other know about suspicious activity. When you work together, it’s even easier to make your neighborhood a safer place. Here are four steps to get started.

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A Summer Safety and Security Tune Up

By Wayne Wahrsager | June 23, 2020

This time of year, everyone is taking on their home improvement projects and giving things around the house an annual tune up. Home security should be a part of that effort. Here are some things you can do now, and complete in a single weekend.

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Home Security for Dads and Granddads

By Wayne Wahrsager | June 23, 2020

At the time of year when we celebrate fathers and other loved ones who cared for us, how can we now care for them as they age? There is home security technology that can help us do it. It’s the Wellness suite, which are products available to you right here at Commercial Fire & Security. 

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Window Sensors: Your Sentry Against Home Invasion

By Wayne Wahrsager | May 27, 2020
home security freeport ny

Unfortunately, a vulnerable window is almost as inviting to a perpetrator as being let in through the front door. But what if, like many homeowners, you consider your windows a security afterthought? Here’s how a smart home security system can help.

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Smart Security & Wellness For Senior Citizens

By Wayne Wahrsager | May 24, 2020
security systems for seniors in freeport ny

More than a medical alert or a personal emergency response device, this is a comprehensive system that uses smart technology to help your loved one live independently longer, more safely and with more confidence. Here are some of the things the Wellness system for seniors can do. 

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How to Automate Your AC & Save Big On Your Summer Electric Bill

By Wayne Wahrsager | May 14, 2020
smart home security freeport ny

As summer approaches, many of us are bracing ourselves for the high electric bill to come. With heating and cooling costing the average family $900 a year, it makes sense that the hot summer months account for a big chunk of that. Here are some ways a smart thermostat can save you money on the electric bill this summer.

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Smart Cameras for Home Security Newbies

By Wayne Wahrsager | May 3, 2020
home camera systems ny

For those who do have smart security cameras as part of the home security system, finding out what’s going on at home is as simple as taking out their phone, opening their home security app, and getting a prompt view of whatever the camera is recording.Here’s what else smart video cameras can give your home security system:

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Summer Starts Early: Home Security to Keep Parents Aware

By Wayne Wahrsager | April 30, 2020

With school closures in place, there’s a good chance that many kids will grow up remembering 2020 as the year summer started early. As a parent, you may be required to return to work while kids are still home. If so, you’ll need a way to stay aware of their activities. Fortunately, there’s home security technology that can help.

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Home Security + Social Distancing: Helping Families Keep in Touch

By Wayne Wahrsager | April 13, 2020

In the age of social distancing, there’s a very real need to stay connected to the people we love. Fortunately, there are some outstanding ways to do it. Even your home security system can be part of your overall solution. Here are some ideas you may wish to include in your stay-connected strategy.

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