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How Wireless Home Security Works

By Wayne Wahrsager | March 28, 2021

Hardwired home security is still available, but many customers now choose to go wireless. What’s the difference? Both are home security systems with a network of sensors and control panel that connect to the monitoring center; the difference is how it connects. A hardwired system connects via a landline connection, while a wireless system communicates through a cellular connection. 

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Getting it Right the First Time: What to Look for in a Home Alarm Company

By Wayne Wahrsager | March 22, 2021
What to Look for in a Home Alarm Company

You know the saying: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It’s a great lesson — but if you get something right the first time, no one gets fooled at all. By choosing the right home alarm company, you can avoid unnecessary costs, hard-to-use equipment and incompetent monitoring services. 

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How Home Security Can Deliver More Comfort in 2021

By Wayne Wahrsager | March 17, 2021

As we transition from winter into spring in this year of new beginnings, your home security can be part of your plan to maximize your comfort level. Here are some things your home security tools can take care of for you in the year to come. 

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How Smart Security Can Detect Dangerous Gases in Your Home

By Wayne Wahrsager | February 1, 2021
Gases in Home

Generally speaking, natural gas is a safe and efficient way to heat a home, fuel cooking appliances and dry clothes. But in the event a gas leak occurs in your home, you and your family will be immediately at risk. In addition, the flammable nature of the gas opens up the possibility of an explosion occurring.

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The Smart Security Solution to Prevent Water Damage

By Wayne Wahrsager | January 26, 2021
Water Damage

Water is our most precious natural resource, and yet it can also be one of the biggest threats to your home. From toxic mold in your walls, to collapsed ceilings from heavy rains, to irreparable floors ravaged by flooding, the cost of water damage is steep. Worse yet, water damage can occur quickly, unexpectedly and completely out of your sight.

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Why Upgrade to Professional Home Security this Year?

By Wayne Wahrsager | January 18, 2021
Professional Home Security

After spending more time at home in the past year, many people have resolved to put more time, energy and investment into their properties in 2021. If that sounds like you, then consider the advantages of investing in a home security upgrade. By going from a basic burglar alarm to a professionally installed and monitored smart home security system, you can reap the gains of a true investment in your home. These are some of the most immediate advantages.

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Smart Home Security Brings Simplicity to Your New Year

By Wayne Wahrsager | January 13, 2021
Smart Home Security for the New year

After the tension of the past year, 2021 calls for being kinder and gentler to ourselves and others. It also calls for making life simpler. Luckily, there’s smart home security technology that can help. Here’s just the beginning of what it can do.

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Keyless Access Control: The Solution to Modern Security Concerns

By Wayne Wahrsager | January 4, 2021
Access Control

Throughout the past year, businesses have been confronted with a wide range of brand new security concerns. But there’s nothing new about the most basic security need of all: keeping the doors locked. In the past, businesses used traditional locks and keys to do this. But in 2021, it’s time for businesses to leave that antiquated security method behind.

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Tips to Ensure a Safer Holiday Season

By Wayne Wahrsager | December 21, 2020
Tips for a Safer Holiday

Now more than ever, we all deserve a happy, serene holiday season. Here are some ways we can use our home security technology to support the secure atmosphere we all want for our families during the holidays.

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7 Home Updates to Improve Your Home Safety and Security

By Lexi Klinkenberg | December 16, 2020
Improve Your Home Safety and Security

Living alone can definitely have its perks, like having all of the fridge space to yourself, and being able to choose what you watch on television. But if you currently live alone or are planning to move into a home by yourself, it’s understandable if you feel a bit frightened by the possibility of intruders. Don’t stress about what could happen, instead take steps towards making your home safer so you can feel more secure. The secret to feeling safer when you live alone is planning ahead and taking home safety into your own hands. We’ve put together a home safety checklist to use if you want to feel safer at home.  

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