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Thanksgiving Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

By Wayne Wahrsager | November 18, 2019
Thanksgiving Turkey in oven

Thanksgiving is a much-anticipated holiday every year. It’s a time for families to bond over a delicious dinner and fond memories. The kitchen is where it’s happening. So, it’s critical to follow these kitchen safety tips to ensure that the family remembers this Thanksgiving for years to come and not in a bad light.

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How Smart Cameras Combat Package Theft from the Porch Pirates

By Wayne Wahrsager | November 15, 2019
smart doorbell cameras in freeport n

Just look at your local news station and you’ll see video footage of what’s known as “Porch Pirates,” or package thieves, stealing packages from doorsteps across the nation. With 51% of all purchases being conducted online and the holiday season fast approaching, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

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What Can A Video Doorbell Camera Do For You?

By Wayne Wahrsager | November 6, 2019

The video doorbell continues to be one of America’s favorite smart home security products, and it’s the perfect addition for any home. These doorbells can do some pretty smart things to increase the security of your home and family.

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Be A Superhero This Halloween With Smart Home Security

By Wayne Wahrsager | October 25, 2019
Be A Superhero This Halloween With Smart Home Security

Home security at Halloween is essential. Along with all the fun little spooks and goblins in the street, there are also some grown-ups checking out houses with mischief in mind. Here are a few things to consider with home security this Halloween.

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An Introduction to Smart Home Security Video and Cameras

By Wayne Wahrsager | October 22, 2019
An Introduction to Smart Home Security Video and Cameras

Today, smart home security systems are steadily becoming essential parts of households across the nation. With smart home video cameras, you can check in on the activity inside or around your house simply using an app on your smartphone.

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8 Ways Smart Home Technologies Help Simplify Back-to-School Routines

By Wayne Wahrsager | October 4, 2019

With life getting increasingly busy and more mobile, using smart home technologies to simplify daily routines just makes sense. Here are some ways you can use your home security and home automation systems to make the daily school routine a breeze.

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Back to school & real life: Essentials for busy parents

By Wayne Wahrsager | September 20, 2019
Back to school & real life: Essentials for busy parents

When kids go back to school, home security can give parents true peace of mind. Find out what you’re missing.

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The House of Tomorrow Is Here With Home Automation

By Wayne Wahrsager | September 12, 2019

Home of Tomorrow enraptured our hearts and held our collective imagination. Now, the Home of Tomorrow is here, and we are no less enthralled.

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4 Essential Home Security Features Parents Need in September

By Wayne Wahrsager | August 30, 2019

The kids are back in school, and your whole routine changes as your schedule gets busier. Smart home alerts can help you get back into the swing of things and keep you on time.

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What Is A Glass Break Detector & Why Do I Need It?

By Wayne Wahrsager | August 19, 2019

While the motion sensors in your system may be enough to stop an intruder from following through with his plans, consider this: If he decides that breaking the glass on a door or window is his ticket to entry, then the glass break detectors will send him running even faster.

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