Home Security Tips for Vacation Season

With summer travel in full swing, it’s time to revisit the home security steps you can take to keep your property protected while you’re away. You can align vacation season with your home security goals no matter where your family is headed this summer. Here are some ways to do that. 

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Environmental Control in Cold Weather

The coldest season of the year is upon us. Winter is a time of year when our customers, both residential and business, are getting ready to adjust their indoor climates for maximum energy efficiency. It’s also a time of preparing to ward off the risks of extreme temperatures, like bursting pipes and water leaks. We can help, with environmental control products that help you control indoor climate and protect against cold weather hazards to your property. 

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5 Tips for a Great Thanksgiving in 2020


If it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner, you have a lot to keep track of this year: how many guests you’re allowed to have, where you can eat, how long the event can be. You need all the support you can get to make the day go as smoothly as possible. Here are some great hacks to help you out. 

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Smart Security & Wellness For Senior Citizens

security systems for seniors in freeport ny

More than a medical alert or a personal emergency response device, this is a comprehensive system that uses smart technology to help your loved one live independently longer, more safely and with more confidence. Here are some of the things the Wellness system for seniors can do. 

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A Simple Trick to Preventing a Water Leak Disaster

Row of Houses

When pipes burst, appliances leak or utilities drip continually, homeowners and their insurance companies are on the hook for all the damage. That damage can range from collapsed ceilings to mold-blackened basements, and all of it is dangerous. Is there a smart solution? There is!

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Be Smart When Shopping for Smart Home Security This Holiday Season

It’s easy to get confused when shopping for a home security system this holiday season. There are so many security products to choose from, and then there’s smart home security versus traditional security systems. There are a couple, features critical to protect your family and home, and only a smart home security system can streamline household tasks and security.

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