How Video Surveillance Busts Long Island Theft Rings

Organized theft rings, which involve multiple people working together to steal large amounts of goods from businesses with the intent to profit from reselling, are not a new phenomenon by any means. However, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that organized retail theft rates have spiked significantly throughout 2021-22. 

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Video Surveillance to Reduce Loitering in Long Island

Loitering is a reality in all parts of New York, including the four counties that make up Long Island. While the legal definition of loitering in New York may not apply to the loitering-like incidents that Long Island business owners endure on a regular basis, there are still ways to discourage these activities. By having cameras monitoring the premises, you can fight loitering-like behaviors on your property before they begin to cost you business — or, before they lead to violent crime. 

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3 Lessons on the Value of Video Surveillance

video surveillance

The current crime wave sweeping New York City has taught business owners many lessons. One of the most critical is this: Don’t be caught without cameras installed, both inside and out. In addition, the crime epidemic has shed light on the value of video surveillance with these important lessons. 

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Video Surveillance for Employer Monitoring

video surveillance employer monitoring

From ongoing concerns related to COVID to the growing challenges of everyday employee management, employers need security solutions that can help them monitor staff and enforce workplace policies. As a starting point, many employers are implementing more interactive video surveillance. Here are some ways you may consider using it. 

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