Better Business Security Systems Needed this Summer

Better business security

Law enforcement departments are already predicting another violent crime wave for summer 2022. To get prepared, New York establishments are encouraged to have high quality business security systems this summer. Here are the rising crimes that retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and other types of businesses need protection from — and how our business security systems may…

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Avoid a Holiday Fire Disaster at Your Business

It’s an unfortunate reality, but businesses are just as susceptible to holiday fires as homes are — especially if they use extra decorations for the season. To help protect your business from a holiday fire disaster, the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) reminds you to put these prevention tips into practice.  

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Reopening Safely after COVID-19

As a business owner, you may be struggling with the idea of a safe, permanent reopening after months of restrictions. How can you get your site prepared to welcome back employees and visitors? Which employees should come back first? And is there technology to help control building occupancy? Here are some tips to put business owners on the right track toward reopening safely after COVID-19. 

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