Smoke Alarm Monitoring for Long Island Homes

Smoke Alarm Monitoring for Long Island Homes
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There are few security devices more critical to protecting your home than smoke alarms. Long Island homeowners looking for state smoke detector requirements for single family homes and two-family residences can find these specifications in the New York Department of Fire Prevention and Control Building Standards and Codes. Here is an overview of the requirements — plus, information on how you can better protect yourself and your loved ones by opting for smoke alarm monitoring of your Long Island home. 

New York State Smoke Alarm Requirements 

Smoke alarms are mandated for all homes in New York. The state dictates that there must be a minimum of one working smoke alarm located:

  • Inside each sleeping room, and outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of each bedroom.
  • On each additional story of the home, including basements and habitable attics. 
  • No less than 3 feet from the door of every bathroom containing a bathtub or shower.
  • Near every permanently installed cooking appliance (continue reading for details).

Kitchen Smoke Alarm Requirements in New York 

There are additional requirements for kitchen smoke alarms. These requirements are specific to the two most common types of smoke alarms. 

Ionization Smoke Alarms

Ionization smoke alarms – which use radiation to detect smoke, and are ideal for detecting flaming fires – should be installed no less than 20 feet from every permanently installed cooking appliance. Examples of permanently installed cooking appliances are ovens, stoves and cooktop ranges, both gas and electric. 

Silence-Enabled Ionization Smoke Alarms

For the popular model of ionization smoke alarms that feature alarm-silencing switches, they should be installed no less than 10 feet from each permanently installed cooking appliance. 

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

When using photoelectric smoke alarms – which detect smoke using light technology and are ideal for smoldering fires – these should be installed no less than 6 feet from every permanently installed cooking appliance.

Benefits of Smoke Alarm Monitoring

New York state does not require single family homes to pay for professional smoke alarm monitoring. However, Long Island families can greatly benefit from having their residential smoke alarms professionally monitored. 

Integration with Home Security 

A smoke alarm that is monitored by a UL listed central station means fully integrating your fire protection with your home security system. It means the fire department will be called the moment smoke or flames are detected, whether or not you’re home when it happens. 

Emergency Notification Alerts

In addition, you’ll receive an immediate smartphone notification that alerts you to the emergency at home. With help already on its way, you can turn your focus to safely evacuating everyone in your home. 

Automatic HVAC Shutdown

With smoke alarm monitoring, your Long Island can prevent the spread of smoke and ash because the HVAC system will communicate with your smoke alarms and automatically shut down. 

Call Commercial Fire & Security to Learn More

These powerful benefits make smoke alarm monitoring essential for your Long Island home. To discuss getting smoke alarm monitoring services, call Commercial Fire & Security now. We provide smoke alarm monitoring service throughout New York state. 


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