5 Tips for a Great Thanksgiving in 2020


If it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner, you have a lot to keep track of this year: how many guests you’re allowed to have, where you can eat, how long the event can be. You need all the support you can get to make the day go as smoothly as possible. Here are some great hacks to help you out. 

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Are You Protected from Porch Pirates?

Packages on porch

For criminals, porch piracy is one of the easiest types of theft because they can carry it out swiftly and silently. In the winter, when valuable gifts are being delivered and the sun goes down earlier, porch piracy is in full swing. In the cover of the dark, criminals speed toward victims’ porches, grab their targets and duck out of sight. In November and December, you need more protection from package theft than any other time of year. Here’s how you can acquire it.

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