3 Ways to Spook Burglars and Thieves


It’s that time of year when scary things become fun for a little while. But if you’re a burglar, there’s nothing fun about the one thing that scares you the most: getting caught in the act. This Halloween, you can use your smart home security devices to make their fears become reality. Here are three ways to do it. 

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Integrating Smart Locks & Home Security

Home Automation

If you’re still using (and losing) house keys, it’s time to think about modernizing the way you access your home. That means upgrading your traditional doorknob to one that’s protected by a smart lock. With a smart lock, you can stop worrying about where you put your house keys, because you won’t need them anymore. Instead, you’ll enjoy the safety and convenience of managing access to your home from wherever you are.

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Being Smart When Buying a Doorbell Camera

home camera systems ny

Who remembers what life was like before we had caller ID? These days, most of us can’t imagine answering the phone without knowing who’s on the other end. Likewise, the same should be said for answering the door at home. If you don’t have a doorbell camera that shows you who’s paying you a visit, that’s like life before caller ID.  

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