What is an Image Sensor and Why Do I Need It?

Snapshots are all the rage these days; the most popular social media sites are dominated by snapshots, instant cameras are making a comeback, and even your home security system can include a feature that sends snapshots to your phone or email. How does that last one work? It’s called an image sensor, and it’s offered exclusively by the maker of our home security systems.

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Show Your Home Some Love With Smart Home Security Systems

home security systems ny and nj

It’s the season for love, and there’s no better way to show your home some love this February than to give it a smart home upgrade. Home control is no small promotion for the average household; it’s a major advancement that makes a home run more efficiently for the benefit of the entire family. Here’s an essential overview of what home control give you.

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A Simple Trick to Preventing a Water Leak Disaster

Row of Houses

When pipes burst, appliances leak or utilities drip continually, homeowners and their insurance companies are on the hook for all the damage. That damage can range from collapsed ceilings to mold-blackened basements, and all of it is dangerous. Is there a smart solution? There is!

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