What is an Image Sensor and Why Do I Need It?

Wayne Wahrsager
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Snapshots are all the rage these days; the most popular social media sites are dominated by snapshots, instant cameras are making a comeback, and even your home security system can include a feature that sends snapshots to your phone or email. How does that last one work? It’s called an image sensor, and it’s offered exclusively by the maker of our home security systems.

What’s In the Image Sensor

The image sensor feature combines a traditional motion sensor, integrated still shot camera and interactive control. The sensor itself is a small, smart security device that combines motion detection with a camera to detect and capture activity in your home. In both light and dark conditions, it can take a snapshot of the room it’s in and send it to your phone or email.

Programming Your Image Sensor

When it does this is up to you; you can program it to happen at specific times of day that matter to you. Want to see an image of the kitchen when the babysitter is supposed to be making the kids dinner? Program it to do that. How about a snapshot of the patio at your teens’ curfew time? Easily done. The image sensor feature helps you stay visually connected to home and family no matter where you are.

Other Ways to Trigger

Programming your system to capture the snapshots at certain times is not the only way to use the image sensor. You can also program it for activity-triggered image alerts. Because the image sensor has a motion detector, you can program it to be triggered by motion. You can also program it to be triggered by another device entirely, such as a door contact sensor or smart lock. If your system doesn’t include those devices, ask us about them. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.
Learn more about the image sensor by contacting Commercial Fire & Security. We look forward to explaining this outstanding feature to you.

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