Tips to Ensure a Safer Holiday Season

Tips for a Safer Holiday
Wayne Wahrsager
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Now more than ever, we all deserve a happy, serene holiday season. Here are some ways we can use our home security technology to support the secure atmosphere we all want for our families during the holidays.

Begin with home security cameras.

Holiday vacations may not be happening this year, but criminals are likely to still find your home more enticing during the holidays. With security cameras strategically mounted outside, you can discourage them by sending a clear message that they’re being watched.

If you choose to bolster this security with our video analytics service, then your cameras will be able to discern when the moving objects it captures are humans, as opposed to animals or vehicles. With this extra analysis, you’ll be able to know whether the motion outside is a true security concern. If you have smart lights, then video analytics can trigger them to turn on when the system detects human activity.

Don’t stop connecting with neighbors.

During this time of isolation, it’s harder to connect with your neighbors in person. However, you can still help each other out by updating each other via text or social media. If you have a doorbell camera, you can download clips to send them or post on social media. Neighbors can know who to look out for and spread the word, deterring the criminals once they find out they’ve been caught on camera.

Stay on top of your packages.

A lot of holiday shopping is getting done online this year for safety reasons – but unfortunately, that’s not as safe for the items we purchase. There’s good news, though: With the right security technology, you can protect your packages from porch theft. All it takes is a doorbell camera and a smart lock.

When your package is delivered, you’ll receive an alert on your phone; simply tap the microphone button, greet the driver and unlock the door for him remotely with your phone. With the two-way voice speaker, you can ask him to leave the package inside. Protecting your packages can be that straightforward with home security on your side.

These are some easy, uncomplicated ways your home security technology can help you achieve a safer holiday season for your family this year. For questions on any of the products and services mentioned here, call Commercial Fire & Security. We look forward to hearing from you.

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