Why You Need Smart Lighting at Home

Smart Home Lighting
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There are many smart home devices, but certain systems are vital if you want to have a fully automated smart home. One of them is a smart lighting system, which enables you to automate your home’s lights and control them remotely rather than turning them on and off manually. If you aren’t sure whether you need smart lighting in your home, here are some of the top reasons to get on board. 

Reason #1: Smart Lighting Adapts to Your Needs

Smart lighting integrates with your smart home security system to put your household lights on autopilot. That’s reason enough right there — but what’s even more appealing is that it automates your lights based on your family’s lifestyle. That means you can:

  • Program lights to turn on and off with specific triggers (i.e. when you open a door or set the alarm), or at specific times of day. 
  • Control lights with the same smartphone app used for your security system. 
  • Connect with your hands-free speaker for voice control anywhere in the house. 
  • Control your lights in groups according to room: bedroom lights, kitchen lights, etc.
  • Set dimmers, colored lights and other mood lighting.

This is the automation today’s families need to make their household lights work for them. 

Reason #2: Smart Lights Save Money 

Smart lights save money in multiple ways. First, they use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Saving energy means saving money, and using less of it can add up to major savings over time. Second, the specific LED bulbs in smart lights last longer and need less replacement. Replacing five 60-watt incandescent bulbs in your home with the bulbs used for smart lights can save you $150 a year. 

Keep in mind: Smart lights aren’t just for overhead light fixtures. They can also be used for table lamps. You can turn your existing lamps into smart lighting simply by using the Smart Plug module we provide. Just plug the lamp in and follow a few steps to activate. 

Reason #3: Smart Lights Enhance Home Security

A burglary is a crime of opportunity. Experienced burglars are not looking for a challenge; they want to get in and out quickly, and that means they need a house that’s both dark and empty. Likewise, someone who may be looking to commit a violent act will seek the cover of darkness in order to catch you off guard. 

In both cases, you can help protect yourself and your home by making sure the house is lit when you arrive. How can you do that without keeping a light on all day? With smart lighting. The smart lighting system lets you program which lights should come on before you arrive home, and what time you want that to happen. Now, you can relax no matter how late you get home. If you prefer, you can also turn your lights on manually with your app before leaving work. 

These are some of the key reasons you need smart lighting in your home. To learn more about the convenience, cost saving and security benefits of smart lights, call Commercial Fire & Security today.

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