Home Security + Social Distancing: Helping Families Keep in Touch

Wayne Wahrsager
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In the age of social distancing, there’s a very real need to stay connected to the people we love. Fortunately, there are some outstanding ways to do it. Even your home security system can be part of your overall solution. Here are some ideas you may wish to include in your stay-connected strategy.

Smart Security Cameras

While some parents are allowed to work from home during the quarantine, others are essential workers who don’t have that opportunity. For those parents, knowing what’s going on at home while they’re away is vital. Are the kids staying in the house like they’re supposed to? Are they honoring the rules when it comes to not having friends over right now? How about food – are they ordering lunch or dinner, and is it arriving on time?

Motion Detected Alerts

Smart security cameras, which are installed near the front door and triggered by motion detection, can answer these questions. Parents receive a smartphone alert when the motion is recorded; the video is viewable right then and there. What a great way to be plugged into your kids’ activity while you’re working on the front lines.

Call-Out, Two-Way Voice Technology

That takes care of the kids – but what about elderly loved ones, like parents or grandparents? There’s home security technology for that, too. Consider a solution like the Wellcam, a video camera with a call-out button and two-way voice capability. It lets your older loved ones connect to you directly if they need to speak with you. There’s no “How does this work?” technology that aging parents may struggle with — just a quick connection they can get with the push of a button.

Alerts for Activity Changes

As the approved person on your loved one’s account, Wellcam sends you an alert for a variety of concerns: wandering around the house at night, not opening their medication box, or changes in activity patterns that may indicate a decline in quality of life. These are things adult children and grandchildren need to know about during this time of necessary separation from their loved ones.
There are many technologies families are using to stay in touch during this time – but by adding these home security solutions to the repertoire, you can be even more connected. To learn more, reach out to us at Commercial Fire & Security today. We would love to answer your questions.

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