Life Safety and Environmental Monitoring Support

Life Safety and Environmental Monitoring Support
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As winter turns to spring, there’s a renewed focus on our living environments and keeping them free from damage. Likewise, recent high profile events have put environmental hazards on the minds of many people. No matter what has inspired you to improve your living environment, our life safety and environmental monitoring technology can alert New York property owners to environmental hazards before there’s no going back. 

Environmental Hazards at Home

The most dangerous threats to your home environment can be detected before they make a major impact. Here’s what we can monitor. 

Rising Water 

When leaking water begins to rise on the floor, you can be made aware of it before it becomes a costly, damaging flood. 

Freezing Pipes

Find out when your plumbing pipes are in danger of freezing, before they get to the point of a dangerous burst. 

Carbon Monoxide 

Deadly carbon monoxide is undetectable to the eyes and nose. Find out if it’s in your home before anyone in the family feels its effects. 

Environmental Hazards in Business 

Whether you have a dining establishment, retail store or other commercial enterprise, we can monitor for these hazards to the environment. 

Temperatures and Humidity 

If the air is required to be within a specific temperature threshold, we can monitor the indoor climate, humidity and HVAC current. 

Power Outage and Freezer Failure 

Refrigerated food is dependent upon electrical power working properly, and frozen food is even more contingent. Find out if there’s a power or freezer failure before it’s too late. 

Pressure Differential 

For industries where air pressure is critical, we can monitor for changes and alert you immediately upon detection. 

Call Commercial Fire & Security to Learn More

When you get a notification of any of these hazards, you can intervene appropriately before it’s too late. There’s no better way to protect your home or business from dangerous elements. With life safety and environmental monitoring, the places that matter most to you can be healthier and more livable. To learn how to add this to your home security or business security service in New York, call Commercial Fire & Security this spring. 


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