Don’t Let Home Security Worries Hamper Your Holiday Travel

Don't Let Home Security Worries Hamper Your Holiday Travel
Wayne Wahrsager
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With nearly half of Americans (47%) planning some form of holiday travel this year, it’s an important time to remind our New York home security customers how they can improve their home security while they are away from home. If you are one of the many homeowners planning to be away from home overnight this holiday season, here are some ways you can reduce the vulnerability of your home (and enjoy your holidays more because of it). 

Think like a criminal. 

It might seem counterintuitive, but thinking like a burglar is a good first step to keeping your home safe in your absence. Ask yourself, “How can I make my home look occupied while I’m away?” Maybe the answer is to hire a trusted housesitter. With smart locks as part of your home security system, your housesitter can have their own temporary alarm code to open the front door; this is a safe way to keep the home occupied, which greatly reduces the risk of a break-in while you’re gone. Another question to ask is, “How would a burglar enter my home?” At a minimum, your front door should be protected by motion sensors that trigger the alarm and contact our five diamond central station if the door is breached. You can also add motion sensors to any first floor windows that could be potential entry points for a burglar. 

Put eyes on the property.

Your housesitter can help prevent a break-in just by keeping the home occupied, but what happens if they have to leave? If that person goes to work for the day, steps out to run errands, or takes off for a fun night out, your property is again left vulnerable. You need another way to keep eyes on the property, and that’s where home security cameras come in. By installing home video surveillance inside and out, you can have those extra eyes on your property at all times. Ask us about motion-triggered cameras that start recording the second human activity is detected; when the recording begins, you can receive a real-time alert to your smartphone. 

Stay connected to home. 

While your doors and windows are protected by your system and connected to the monitoring center, you need to stay plugged in as well. If you receive an alert that your cameras are recording, swipe on it to see a live feed of what’s happening. If an emergency is taking place, you’ll know immediately and can act accordingly. If a break-in is connected to the event, the professional dispatch operators at our central station will spring into action to get police to your address.

Knowing you have this constant connection to home can help you relax and enjoy your holiday getaway even more. 

If you plan to travel for the holidays, following these easy steps can help you protect your home from those who would do it harm. To speak with a company that has served countless New York home security customers, call Commercial Fire & Security this holiday season. 


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