Safety Tips for Winter Driving in New York

Safety Tips for Winter Driving in New York
Wayne Wahrsager
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There’s nothing like winter in New York. Winter weather driving is not the most pleasant part of the season, but you can do it more safely by taking the right precautions. Here are our tips for smarter, safer winter weather driving this season. 

Know the risks.  

The roads can be dangerous in any season, but the winter is an especially risky time for public roads and highways. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, winter weather conditions are responsible for over 192,000 injuries and 2,200 deaths each year. In addition to bodily injuries and the tragic loss of life, winter weather conditions are responsible for millions of dollars in damage incidents to vehicles and other property. Understand there are risks when you drive in winter weather, and know that avoiding the road is always the safest option. If employers allow for remote work days, a winter storm is the ideal time to take advantage of those opportunities. 

Plan your trips. 

If driving to work or another destination in winter weather is unavoidable, you can minimize your risks with a little planning and foresight. This time of year, monitoring the local weather for any hazardous road conditions and planning your driving around them can make a major difference. If there is a forecast of an incoming snowstorm, be sure to leave before the estimated start time.

If there’s a warning of icy conditions, give yourself plenty of time to drive through them slowly (or better yet, to take the safest recommended detour around any reported hazards). 

Take your time. 

If you absolutely must drive in dangerous winter weather, commit to only traveling on the safest route to your destination — even if it takes more time than you’re used to. Find out which roads have already been plowed and salted, and take those first if they are an option. Main roads are best, as they are often better maintained; while rural roads and \”back ways\” may seem like the smart way to get somewhere faster, they tend to be much riskier in wet weather. Drive as slowly as you can on your way, and notify your employer if taking these precautions will make you late to work. Punctuality is important, but your safety comes first. 

Winter weather driving takes skill, patience and time. Use these safety tips for winter driving in New York that gets you to your destinations smoothly. For information on home security, business security and other safety services, call Commercial Fire & Security this winter. 


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