Synagogue and Church Security Solutions for Every Campus

Synagogue and Church Security Solutions for Every Campus
Wayne Wahrsager
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With fall and winter holidays occurring, many religious campuses are gearing up for the increased foot traffic of annual visitors. That makes this a great time to boost their security technology. At Commercial Fire & Security, we know the synagogue and church security challenges in New York, and we have solutions to offer. Here’s how we can help. 

Surveilling Common Areas 

The areas of a religious campus where members and visitors gather require special protection, for the benefit of all who enter the property. By implementing a quality video surveillance system, a church or synagogue can enjoy better security in sacred spaces ranging from worship rooms to classrooms. Authorized administrators on staff can view the footage anytime through their own smartphone, tablet or computer. If suspicious activity takes place onsite, this can be the best way to get fast answers on demand. 

Securing Childcare Spaces 

When places of worship offer childcare services, parents expect security technology to be part of the program. Doing this through an access control or visitor management system can give parents the peace of mind they need to feel confident about leaving their children in the care of volunteers or staff members. We have electronic systems that go above and beyond standard door locking and unlocking. Ask us about access control that helps church administrators monitor who is coming and going, where and when. 

Slowing Down Vandalism 

Vandalism on religious properties has skyrocketed in recent years, but we can help reduce these incidents with powerful exterior cameras that capture activity before it starts. The event-triggered recording can alert the monitoring center right away, so that a security professional can intervene immediately.

When quality video surveillance is present, those who would do your property harm are far less likely to act on their impulses. Typically, vandalism slows down dramatically; often, it stops altogether. 

These are some of the most important synagogue and church security solutions we offer to New York congregations. To discuss these options, call Commercial Fire & Security now. We look forward to assisting you. 


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