A Perfect Partnership: Smart Locks & Smart Home Security

Smart Locks & Smart Home Security
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Even if the area around your front door is protected with a home security system and doorbell camera, the door itself needs extra fortification. Fortunately, there is a smart home security device that can provide this: a smart lock, which is a keyless entry device that not only turns your modest front door into a high-tech access point to the home, but also protects it like one.

Built-In Features of a Smart Lock

With a smart lock protecting your home’s front door, you’ll have built-in capabilities like the following:

  • A timed auto-lock feature that locks the door when you forget to
  • Reminders to lock the door to your smartphone, using location-based technology
  • Remote lock access with your smartphone, so you can lock or unlock from anywhere
  • Unexpected activity notifications, to notify you about unusual events at your door
  • Integration with the Scenes feature on your home security app, which means you can lock the door, arm the security system and control your lights with a single phone tap

Connecting with Other Smart Home Security Devices

The smart lock on your front door can also connect to the other smart home security devices in your home. That means all your devices can talk to each other: locks, cameras, alarm, lights and more. So if you receive a video alert that someone is at the front door, you can confirm who they are from a glance at the video feed; then, disarm your alarm and use your remote lock access to let them in. Need to turn on a light inside? You can do that too, if you’ve chosen to incorporate smart lights. All of this makes for the ultimate in convenience and smart home security.

Giving Others Smart Lock Access

Your family will be the primary users of your smart lock, but others who need access to your home can use it too. If your smart lock has a numerical keypad, you can assign temporary codes to friends, family members, babysitters, housesitters, dog walkers and others you deem necessary. The codes can be activated and deactivated at your discretion, so you always stay in control. 

These are the ways smart locks and smart home security make a perfect partnership. To learn more about smart locks, call Commercial Fire & Security. We will be happy to show you what’s possible.

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