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Right now, many of us are still transitioning out of quarantine mode and doing our best to enjoy the slower pace of summer. But if going back to the workplace onsite is in your near future, now is the time to make sure all your ducks are in a row at home. If your security system is missing any of these smart home features, we recommend adding them before going back to work.

Smartphone App Access 

With a smart home security system you control from a user-friendly mobile app on your phone, access to your home security system is always a few taps away. You’ll be able to arm and disarm the alarm portion of your system from anywhere, which means no more worrying after you leave the house. If you’re running late and forget, just pull out your phone and set it when you arrive at work. And of course, disarming it when you come home at night will be just as simple. Those days of “control panel panic” in the dark are over; now, there’s a better way to manage your home alarm. 

Smart Lock Entry 

Speaking of a more pleasant home arrival, it gets even better if you opt to add on smart lock door entry. Try to envision coming home from a long day’s work, disarming your system before you reach the front door, and then opening the front door without the frustrating ritual of fumbling in your bag for house keys. With smart lock entry, walking in your front door can be as easy as entering a code on your phone (one that you can change whenever it’s needed). Family members who come home before you can have their own codes, and guests or workers who need access to the house can have temporary codes you can deactivate when they leave. 

Smart Energy Management 

We’re still enjoying the long, sunny days of the season — but in a few months, you may be coming home from work in the cover of darkness. But by adding on smart lights that you control with your phone, you can turn your indoor lights at home on before you’ve even left work. No more coming home to a dark house, and no more draining energy by leaving a light on all day.

And while we’re still in the heat of summer, you may also consider adding on a smart thermostat that can cut your cooling expenses. This is about maximizing your energy savings. 

Once you get your house in order, you’ll be ready to go back to the office. If you’re without any of these smart home security features, ask us about integrating them with your system before you head back to work onsite. 

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