Increasing Organizational Readiness with Visitor Management

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Wayne Wahrsager
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COVID-19 has affected all of us in an unprecedented way. For employers at all types of organizations, enabling a safe workplace means something different now than it did before the quarantine. Here are some of the measures employers can undertake in order to increase organizational readiness and reduce the risk of infection.

Lay a Strong Foundation  

The first steps toward reopening a workplace for employees, vendors and clients are forthright and foundational. They include:
  • Screening all employees for COVID and other illness
  • Restructuring the workstations for social distancing
  • Forming new sterilization standards for the property
After that, employers should go the extra mile by applying new protocol, policies and technologies.

Publicly Posting New Requirements 

Organizations of all types should announce all new requirements that are being implemented for a safer, healthier place of business. For visitors, it can be done with posters in the front lobby; for employees, their requirements can be announced on signs in their common spaces. These includes new measures for:
  • Wearing facial coverings
  • Hand washing
  • Equipment sterilization
  • Health screenings
Announcing what the organization is doing to reduce the risk of infection communicates to everyone what is expected of them.

Installing a Visitor Management System

With a visitor management system, an employer can have one accurate source for real-time and historical insights into who is onsite now, and who was onsite recently. This is vital for the new practice of contact tracing; should anyone in the organization show symptoms of COVID-19, everyone they have been in contact with should contacted and asked to self-isolate. A visitor management system can ensure the right people will be contacted.
Organizational readiness might not happen overnight, but there are measures that can give it a powerful boost. To learn more about the technology discussed here, contact Commercial Fire & Security. We will be glad to speak with you.

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