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Wayne Wahrsager

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Wayne Wahrsager
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For active homeowners, it’s tough to know what’s going on at home when everyone is busy working – that is, if you don’t yet own smart security cameras. For those who do have smart security cameras as part of the home security system, finding out what’s going on at home is as simple as taking out their phone, opening their home security app, and getting a prompt view of whatever the camera is recording.

Here’s what else smart video cameras can give your home security system:

Viewing on Demand

Whatever you want to see, you can see it on demand as long as the cameras are positioned to record it. For some families, that means looking in on the kids when they’re home alone after school. For other homeowners, it may mean watching out for wildlife in the yard at certain times of day or night. Expecting a package? Check in to see if it’s arrived at the time you were told. The built-in motion detection records what’s going on as it happens, and cloud-based technology stores it so you can re-watch clips anytime you need to. Plus, don’t forget that you can program your system to send you a smartphone alert whenever the motion is detected.

There are lots of customization options that can make your security system a more convenient part of your life, including the cameras.

Customizable Alerts

Even if you have smartphone alerts enabled for your security system, you don’t need to be overwhelmed with notifications every day – for example, when you’re enjoying time at home on the weekends. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn them off temporarily with the customization features on your security system. You can also opt out of video alerts if your system is disarmed. There are lots of customization options that can make your security system a more convenient part of your life, including the cameras.

Numerous Camera Choices

Smart security cameras are not restricted to a single, universal solution – and that’s a good thing for homeowners. They come in a variety of models, with options at several price points for different budgets. Even better news: The wide variety doesn’t have to be intimidating, because an experienced home security dealer can help you choose.

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